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White Oak Farm was founded by Bri Hart in 1973.  Bri loves nature and is passionate about education.  Every weekend he shares his passion by teaching visitors how the maple syrup process works, and how he takes reclaimed local trees and mills it for local artisans and families who want custom pieces made out of a tree from their backyard.  Bri's day job is a 3rd grade teacher at Matthew Patterson Elementary School in Patterson, NY.  But his real passion comes from nature and what nature provides us. 

Bri offers his services in the way of syrup (he taps tree's in both Westchester and Putnam Counties), offers firewood, custom milling and planing for both professional craftsman and hobbyists.  Not only does Bri mill wood, he offers drying as well, with 2 state of the art computerized kilns.  One of the only ones in a 50 mile radius.  Come meet Bri, his beautiful Black Lab Amelia, buy and learn all about syrup, firewood, and the milling and drying process of wood!
Sugarhouse - Maple Syrup - Saw Mill - Dry Kiln - Finishing - Woodworking
680 Croton Lake Rd
Yorktown Heights
NY 10598-6122
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(914) 245 7535 (Farm)
(914) 582 1117 (cell)
Sat. & Sun - 9am to 5pm
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