Two Saw Mills, Two Dry Kilns and a full finish shop allows us to do anything for you!

Saw Mills & Kilns

Having two different types of sawmills, circular and bandsaw, allows us to cut almost anything!  Our bandsaw mill can slab wood and cut large timber up to 24' in length!  We are one of the very few mills in the north east with this capability!  Also, having two sizes of dry kilns let us dry both large and small loads of wood.  We also boast a finish barn with large machinery that allows to dress your boards on all four faces, create custom moldings, flooring and furniture!

Where does our wood come from?  Glad you asked, all of our wood comes from the trees around us!  We don't harvest wood for lumber, rather it comes off of local properties.  Whether downed by a storm, cleared for a house, or just taken down due to safety reasons, we use the timber from Westchester and Putnam Counties.

White Oak Farm, Yorktown Heights NY

Tongue and Groove Flooring  -  Siding  -  Posts  -  Custom Millwork  -  Planing  -  Laser Glue Line Rip  -  Custom Furniture  

Slabs  -  Cutting Boards  


Cherry  -  Walnut  -  White Oak  -  Red Oak  -  Poplar  -  Pine  -  Doug Fir

Maple  -  Sugar Maple  -  Red Maple  -  Norwegian Maple  -  Birch

Butternut  -  Spruce  -  Ash  -  Hickory